• Chef Rich Sweed

    Executive Chef
    Chef Rich Sweed is new to the Delafield Brewhaus team. Sweed has been in the culinary industry for twenty-six years and got his first kitchen at the age of eigteen. Working his way up, Sweed landed an amazing opportunity that led him to the Luxury Wilderness Resort in Alaska where he cooked for celebrities, politicians and professional athletes. He taught cooking classes for the resort guests. Sweed also took a helicopter to the mountaintop, where he would cook for the skiers - preparing three-course meals using butane burners. Chef Rich has cooked for Montel Williams, Kurt Bush, and the Milwaukee Brewers, just to name a few. Continuing his journey, Rich went on to cook at The Legend at Bristlecone and then Artisan 179 where he was the opening chef for three years. Cooking has always come naturally for Rich and he craves that feeling of instant gratification. “I never repeat a dish”, says Chef Rich and that’s what makes him a good chef. Launching a new menu, Chef Rich designed dishes specific for the Brewhaus and is using meats and cheeses from local farms in Wisconsin.
  • Howard Schleef

    Sous Chef
    Howard comes to Brewhaus from ID, located in downtown Delafield, to take on the sous position under Chef Richard Sweed. He is a talented, hardworking and creative individual that brings additional leadership skills to our kitchen. We are looking forward to working with Chef Howie for many years to come!
  • John Harrison

    Head Brewmaster
    Brewmaster John Harrison is from the small town of Mt. Prospect, Illinois. The curiosity of home brewing sparked when John read ‘The complete Joy of Home Brewing’ by Charlie Papazian. From then on, he fell in love with brewing beer. Starting at the Wisconsin Brewing Company in 1994, Harrison began learning the ins and outs of brewing beer. Then in 1998, Harrison began clearing land. Land that would turn into the Delafield Brewhaus. John has been with the Delafield Brewhaus since the beginning. And he has designed more than 250 beers! “I love a challenge”, says Harrison. Every August, John puts up Hops in our Bier Garten and harvests them all year for our Hop Harvest IPA. Harrison has taken a few trips to Germany and participated in the eighteen days of Miabock hunting in Bavaria.